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Hello, my name is Nattacia Satie and I'm a voice and public speaking coach. I am the creator and CEO of The Vocal Gym for Public Speaking. 

I was teaching voice technique to singers and actors in New York City from 1996 to 2006, and have been coaching international public speaking professionals from 2006 on to the present. In 2013 I relocated to London, UK, where I currently reside. With performing arts and wellness backgrounds - I am a professionally trained jazz singer and actress, with experience in Bioenergetics bodywork and yoga - I offer my services in groups and one-to-one in person and online via Zoom.

During 17 years of coaching professionals in voice technique I developed a comprehensive well-rounded system for public speakers, combining 4 services essential for public speaking in one, which means I will be your personal trainer, meditation coach, voice technique trainer and public speaking specialist all in one.

Join my ‘Vocal Gym Bootcamp’ and master your public speaking.

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