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Nattacia is a multidimensional voice channeler, sound & energy healer, and Light activator. 

She assists Lightworkers and sensitive intuitives to clear their energetic and emotional path and upgrades their system to wellbeing and abundant flow by sending universal love and healing transmissions via her hands, her voice, and crystal singing bowls, and she combines it with verbal intuitive guidance.


With her UNLEASH YOUR SPLENDOR! - SOUND & ENERGY HEALING it is Nattacia’s intention to create a safe and nurturing space for true healing to happen – in the pace you allow it to happen and with clear intentions set, to assist with the upliftment of our planet. Nattacia offers regular online Zoom Healing Circles, and you can also be Individually mentored by Nattacia to go deeper and clear any blockages and activate your Light body, to reach your full potential and assist in your awakening process. 

Since the late 1980’s, when she moved from Vienna to Paris, then emigrated to New York City, her healing gifts have been developing intuitively for over 30 years, while simultaneously healing herself from a challenging childhood, and developing as a performing and creative artist.


Her channeled self-improvement book THE VISIONARY & FUTURIST ARTIST - FREEING YOUR CREATIVITY AND LIVING IT, NO MATTER WHAT! and her Vegan guide and cook book MAGNFICA - FUN, TASTY, HAPPY VEGAN FOOD have been both guidance for herself and an inspiration for other intuitives, creatives and busy bodies.


Nattacia's music has always been a constant companion in her life, and some of her channeled inspirational healing songs will be available as an album entitled SOUL TRAVEL in the near future. The songs are encoded with Light-activating messages for awakening. 


Nattacia also assisted hundreds of people to live healthier and more fulfilling lives through her classes and groups for voice development, wellness, sound healing, and self-empowerment. Her in the early 2000s in New York City very popular public speaking course THE VOCAL GYM FOR PUBLIC SPEAKING will be finally available as E-Course shortly. 


Her background in acting and singing served to build a strong physical vessel and instrument for the powerful energies to express through her voice. Her spiritual gift as a voice channel was developed from the early 90s during a 12-year mentorship with late trance channel Alex Murray in New York City, and she continues to ever grow, expand and evolve.

Nattacia is filled with a zest for life and rather child-like in her approach to it, living in the moment, allowing emotions to freely move through her, keeping a steady happy high vibe! 

Want sunshine in your life? Get a dose of Nattacia! 

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