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Transformational Coaching 



Mentorship Program

Private Zoom Sessions

3 or 6 months

Designed for Hightly Committed LIGHTWORKERS,

who are emotionally blocked, affecting the mind-body wellbeing.

Nattacia intuitively coaches you with multidimensional Sound & Energy Healing to


Blue to Cream Gradient




"Before working with Nattacia in her Transformative Sound Healing Sessions, I felt lost, emotionally numb, and stuck in a world of creative blocks, grief and dullness.


During the session a remarkable golden light enveloped me and emanated from my body. Through Nattacia’s soothing sounds this divine energy seemed to cleanse away all negativity, while infusing me with positive vibrations from the universe. Nattacia skillfully identified and addressed areas of trauma, grief, blockages, and emotional disturbances, guiding me through the healing process.


As a result of the program, I’m experiencing improved well-being, better sleep, joyous regular exercise suggested by Nattacia, and a profound sense of balance, with love flowing effortlessly. I find myself immersed in daily activities such as reading, journaling, feeling deeply connected to myself. The session reignited my passion for words, inspiring me to finally embark on the journey of writing my own poetry book. I am grateful for Nattacia's guidance and the positive impact her sessions have had on my life."


Shreya Dubey, @dreamsaretoobig_

Writer/Poet, Marketing Executive and Social Media Manager



Private Zoom Intuitive Coaching with Sound & Energy Healing over 3 or 6 months

3 one-hour sessions each month

Plus ongoing FB messenger or WhatsApp support in between sessions

Plus recommendations for achieving optimum physical and mental health

Plus membership of our Private FB Community Group

Discuss your personalized package during your Unleash Your Splendor! Clarity Session.


At the beginning of each session, you set your focused intent for the session, what you would like to have transmuted, released, cleared. Nattacia will intuitively guide you, before the Sound Frequency Transmission, where you then will lie down, the camera set up, so your face and torso are visible. 

This is a collaboration between Nattacia as facilitator and your own self-healing ability.

It is YOU who is allowing the healing to occur. 


Wear comfortable clothes. HEADPHONES REQUIRED!


You will receive a recording of each session via email with instructions how to use it. 


In between sessions, send any feedback or question to Nattacia. You will receive intuitive replies, and spontaneous messages, when Nattacia is inspired to send you insights or suggestions she received regarding your inner development, wellbeing and growth.  


In this private group you can share your experiences and connect with other beautiful beings who are enrolled in my mentorship program and with participants of the weekly Zoom Healing Circle, which you are invited to join as well for additional support and emotional maintenance. 


Taken from Client Testimonials:

  • Deeper, Better Sleep

  • Ache & Pain Relief (feet, knee, back, neck, rib cage)

  • Fear & Anger Release

  • Calm Nerves & Peace

  • Stronger Immunity

  • Refreshed & Energized

  • Mind-Body Wellbeing

  • Healed Inner Child

  • Trauma Healing & Closure

  • Forgiveness of Self & Others

  • Healing Loss & Grief Numbness Dissolved

  • Cleared Blocks around Speaking Truth

  • Stuck Energies Unblocked

  • Old Patterns Dissolving

  • Heaviness Lifts Off, Lightness Arises

  • Flow of Creativity & Blocks Cleared

  • Emergence of Self-Love & Belief in Yourself

  • Inner Power Reclaimed

  • Messages from Higher Guidance

  • Rebalancing & Strengthening

  • Joy & Balance 


    Individual Successes:

  • Emotional Stress Knot in Solarplexus Dissolved, not felt as Free since Childhood

  • Acute Pain in wrist from a Fall practically disappeared overnite

  • Excruciating Pain in fractured ribcage drastically reduced

  • From Self-Pity & Despair, Emotionally Stuck & in Pain, to Claiming Inner Power & Manifesting Dream Job

  • From Emotional Numbness & Grief and Creative Blocks, to Joy & Love flowing & Writing Poetry Book 



🌟Angelic high frequency vibrations are being transmitted thru Nattacia’s voice🌟 and her hands 🌟via the Quantum Field into each participant’s bodies for clearing, transmuting, and activating each their Self-Healing abilities by activating their Light bodies.🌟 This is all channeled. Nattacia is in an altered state and allows Love & Light energies of the Higher Angelic realms to come thru, with whom she has an agreement of service.🌟Even though Nattacia was activated in 1988 and has been developing since then, there is more developing… in particular what is now referred to as Light Language is coming thru more and more, her hands dancing with spoken Light language …🌟it is evolving with more and more clarity and alignment.🌟Read up more about Nattacia's healing gifts HERE.

  • The tones go into your cells and restructure them. The more water you drink 1-2 days beforehand, the more you benefit. 

  • Your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies are cleared of old stuck energies and blocks.

  • The high frequency tones slow down the aging process, rejuvenate the body, and speed up healing

  • With the healing vibrations of Nattacia's voice combined with those of her Crystal Singing Bowls, you'll travel thru time and space on the rhythms and harmonizing melodies of the Ancients - Nattacia's and your Spirit Guides - in a deeply healing Sound Immersion Journey, often interlaced with succinct verbal messages.

  • Your frequencies are raised and uplifted to a lighter plateau

  • You are activated in your Light body with Pure Love frequency


  • You comfortably lie down, wearing comfy clothes, loosen belts, covered with blanket, temperature might drop with relaxation, eyes closed. 

  • You state your CLEAR INTENT, then let it go. Shifts will happen, as much as you're open to change. 

  • The event unfolds in sacred magic, where Nattacia sends tones with her voice and plays the crystal bowls. You might have visions, see colors, shapes, space and time travel, receive messages. Nattacia sends healing and activating energy via her hands remotely. 

  • When the Sound Frequency Transmission is complete, you will set a clear intent to remember your experience, once you open your eyes, and Nattacia will gently bring you back.


  • Nattacia is a catalyst for change, so, expect powerful positive shifts to wellbeing and abundant flow in your life. 

  • The experience is deeply healing.

  • If you worked thru deep issues and let go of very old energies, you might be integrating for a few days up to two weeks after each session. This means, you could cry a lot, experience loss and deep sadness, go through deep grieving. Allow the energies to flow through you. And know, it is temporary and eventually freeing you. Be gentle and kind to yourself, drink plenty of pure water, allow more rest and sleep than usual. Journaling is helpful. Once integration is complete, you will feel light and calm, empowered, changed, brand-new.

  • With each session you have the opportunity to shift away from your base and higher into your heart, moving from fear- to love-based living. This is how your Light body and heart are activated. You will feel your heart connection to all. Deep compassion arises.

The suggestions and recommendations you’ll receive during your sessions with Nattacia Satie are provided to you only as general information. Nattacia Satie does not provide medical diagnosis or cure in regards to health and medical or psychological issues. The Sound & Energy Healing provided is an alternative healing method, and although there is evidence that Nattacia’s practices are effective in treating physical, mental, emotional and spiritual conditions, the method is considered alternative and complementary by Western health care professionals. Nattacia Satie is NOT a medical doctor and cannot and will not provide you with any kind of medical care, treatment, or diagnosis regarding your physical health or the wellbeing of your body. Nattacia Satie is not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment from licensed and registered healthcare professionals. You should seek professional medical advice before making any health decision. Any information, stories, examples, or testimonials provided do not constitute a warranty, guarantee, or prediction regarding the result of a Sound & Energy Healing with Nattacia Satie. By booking, attending or participating in a series of Sound & Energy Healing sessions or groups with Nattacia Satie, and viewing this website, you agree to fully release, indemnify, and hold harmless Nattacia Satie and others associated with her, from any claim or liability whatsoever.

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