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Awakened and Awakening Ones, Conscious and Sensitive Intuitives.

Starseeds, Empaths, Creatives, Lightworkers, Healers! 


Join us in this multi-dimensional Healing Touch & Sound Experience!


Receive the Love and Healing of the Angelic realms and the Ancients through the Touch of Nattacia’s Hands and Sound Vibrations of her Voice & her Crystal Singing Bowl Beings. 


🌟 Clear your mental, emotional and physical bodies of old stuck energies and blocks

🌟 Travel through time and space on the rhythms and melodies of the ancients in a         

     deeply healing Sound Immersion

🌟 Raise your frequencies and be upgraded to a lighter plateau

🌟 Be activated in your Light body with Pure Love frequency

🌟 Find inner peace, joy, fulfilment and happiness, and see your life transform! 




First part

We do a quick fun head-to-toe body warm-up to connect your prana, your breathing, your life-force, with your body. This leads us into chanting several universal vowel sounds to raise our frequencies, done sitting down. 


Second part: 

For this section, all participants lie down comfortably on yoga mats (bring a light blanket, your temperature might drop with relaxation), eyes closed. If preferable to sit up, you can bring a comfortable fold-up chair with arm rests, so not to slip off the chair while in a deeply relaxed alpha state. 

Nattacia will ask you to state a CLEAR INTENT for any area, physical, emotional, psychological, which you would like to have focus put on during this healing. Then let it go. Don’t think about it. 


In a meditative state Nattacia allows her body as instrument for the Light and the angelic realms to tone and sing through her, creating harmonies and clearing dissonances together with her crystal singing bowl beings, unblocking stuck energies in you. Deep clearing happens, the tones are varied and usually are experienced as magical visual and sound feasts, especially when the energies of the Ancients come through in rhythms and melodies. At some point, Nattacia will walk with a bowl to participants’ bodies and intuitively apply Healing Touch to certain areas on the body, which needs clearing or healing, all the while continuing with the sounds.  


Much emotional and mental healing is possible, also physical, and you are lifted from the base root energies up into the heart, throat, Third Eye and Crown. This will activate your Light body and immediately raise your frequency.


When the Love & Light transmission is complete, Nattacia will gently bring you back. 




Nattacia is a catalyst for change, so you can expect positive shifts in your life. The experience is deeply healing. 


If you worked through deep issues during the toning and let go of very old energies, you might be integrating for a few days up to 2 weeks after the event. Be gentle and kind to yourself, hydrate well by drinking plenty of pure water, and allow more rest and sleep than usual. Once your integration is complete, you will feel light and calm, and your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies as if they were brand-new. 


With each of these experiences, you have the opportunity to shift higher and higher away from your base, into your heart and above. This is how your Light body grows and expands, your physical body rejuvenates, becomes less dense, you will radiate a certain glow, your emotional state will be more stable, steady, with a consistent joyous calm undertone. Mental clarity will emerge more and more, and spiritually you will truly feel the heart connection to all.


This is palpable, you will feel it daily. Imagine walking in the street with the urge of simply sharing hugs with whomever you meet! Deep compassion arises. The heart will be activated. Heart, throat, Third Eye, crown, and higher. 


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