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3-months Zoom Mentoring Program


Be intuitively coached and guided by Nattacia from being emotionally and energetically blocked and stuck to reclaiming your power and unleashing a flow of joyous abundance.


Receive the Universal Love and Healing of the Angelic realms and the Ancients through transmissions via Nattacia’s Hands and Sound Vibrations of her Voice & her Crystal Singing Bowl Beings. 

If interested, please email Nattacia to make an appointment for a free Initial Clearing Call. 


The day before your first session, we will schedule a 30 minute Zoom call to discuss your clear focused intent for the session: State a specific physical or emotional issue or life situation you'd like to clear and need assistance with. Nattacia gives clear verbal intuitive guidance and instruction how to prepare for your session. 




This is a collaboration between Nattacia as facilitator and your own self-healing ability. It is YOU who is allowing the healing to occur. 

You lie down under a blanket, comfortable clothes, headphones on, eyes closed.


You will receive an audio recording of your session via email. 

Listen to it every nite for a week, or as you need. 


You will sleep very well. Drink plenty of water, shower often, rest and sleep, and allow feelings to move through you. Journaling your experiences is helpful.


Send any feedback or question to Nattacia. You will receive intuitive text replies, and spontaneous messages, when Nattacia is inspired to send you insights or suggestions she received regarding your inner development, wellbeing and growth. 

If interested, please email Nattacia to make an appointment for a free Initial Clearing Call.


Taken from Client Testimonials:

  • Transformation from fear-based tendencies into complete abundance

  • Much deeper and better sleep

  • Calm nervous system

  • Aches and pains (feet, knee, back) disappear

  • Anger, worry and fear dissipate

  • Mental clarity

  • Healing of the Inner Child 

  • Forgiveness of Self and significant others from childhood

  • Trauma healing and closure

  • From emotional numbness due to loss and grief to a profound state of healing

  • Blocks around speaking your truth clear

  • All blocks from the past cleared

  • Heavy weights lift off you, lightness emerges

  • Your whole being is rebalanced and strengthened

  • You experience deep inner peace

  • Self-Love emerges

  • You live your life again in more joy and balance

  • You feel refreshed and energized for days

  • Your emotional state is more stable and steady with consistent calm joy

  • Your immunity strengthens

  • Belief in yourself is strengthened

  • Flow of Creativity, blocks clear

  • Life-changing in powerful ways


  • The tones go into your cells and restructure them

  • Your mental, emotional, physical bodies are cleared of old stuck energies and blocks

  • You'll travel thru time and space on the rhythms and melodies of the ancients in a deeply healing Sound Immersion

  • Your frequencies are raised and uplifted to a lighter plateau

  • You are activated in your Light body with Pure Love frequency


  • You comfortably lie down, wearing comfy clothes, loosen belts, covered with blanket, temperature might drop with relaxation, eyes closed. 

  • You state your CLEAR INTENT as discussed the day before in your Initial Clearing Call. Then let it go. Shifts will happen, as much as you're open to change. 

  • The event unfolds in sacred magic, where Nattacia sends tones with her voice and plays the crystal bowls. You might have visions, see colors, shapes, space and time travel, receive messages. Nattacia sends healing and activating energy via her hands remotely. 

  • When the Love & Light transmission is complete, you will set a clear intent to remember your experience, once you open your eyes, and Nattacia will gently bring you back.


  • Nattacia is a catalyst for change, so, expect powerful positive shifts to wellbeing and abundant flow in your life. 

  • The experience is deeply healing.

  • If you worked thru deep issues and let go of very old energies, you might be integrating for a few days up to two weeks after the event. This means, you could cry a lot, experience loss and deep sadness, go through deep grieving. Allow the energies to flow through you. And know, it is temporary and eventually freeing you. Be gentle and kind to yourself, drink plenty of pure water, allow more rest and sleep than usual. Journaling is helpful. Once integration is complete, you will feel light and calm, empowered, changed, brand-new.

  • With each session you have the opportunity to shift away from your base and higher into your heart, moving from fear- to love-based living. This is how your Light body and heart are activated. You will feel your heart connection to all. Deep compassion arises.

  • You will more and more experience wellbeing and abundant flow in your life

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