Nattacia Satie Music - World Music Songs
Channeled melodies & lyrics by Nattacia Satie
Vocals: Nattacia Satie
Soundtrack for feature film "Bibi & Verlaine" by Nattacia Satie    

My mysterious style transcends time, culture and space. My melodies and lyrics in languages contemporary and ancient are fragments of a soul's journey through lifetimes remembered. These songs are about the eternal cry for freedom, peace and unity with all, about beauty and joy of life, about harmony and love. They are to inspire the heart of all beings. 

Wildly inspired as early as a 3-year old in rural Austria, singing and dancing to jazzy American black & white musicals of Golden Hollywood with Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers, mesmerized in my teens by Chick Corea's 'Return To Forever' fusion jazz with the delicately intricate Brazilian vocals of Flora Purim and the sublime and otherworldly percussions of her partner Airto Moreira, stirred in all my senses by Carlos Santana's 'Abraxas' magic and his earthen African and Latin beats, I ended up traveling a long musical journey. First, running off to Paris and singing swing jazz in the streets of the Latin Quarter, at the French Riviera in Nice and Cannes, and in Switzerland, saving up every penny and emigrating to New York City. There, living the singing swinging bebop life, then exploring the different cultures of our beautiful world through the rhythms and sounds of their music, all in my beloved New York City!

These songs are a melange of all these world rhythms and sounds, which have ignited passion and joy for life within me as long as I can remember. They came to me in meditation and channeled during the Voice Toning workshops I used to hold in the East Village in Manhattan.


These songs send a passionate message of love and celebration of life to the world, you!  

   1. Touch The Stars (Kevin Leo voc. prod.)

   2. Move All The Mountains (Shai Bachar prod.)

   3. Lamento Yamasta (Shai Bachar prod.)

   4. Mafunge (Yoham Chiqui Ortiz prod.)

   5. Eshnapur (Yoham Chiqui Ortiz prod.)

   6. Baba Tuma Yé (John Themis prod.)

   7. Touch The Stars (John Themis prod.)

   8. [raw rehearsal] I didn't wanna be your secret (Sam Watts piano)

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