4-Step Full-Body Workout for the Speaking Voice
“Speak with Clarity & Power, and Succeed!”



Sales executives, entrepreneurs, people in financial, educational, law, and healing fields.
Anyone, who needs to speak confidently one-on-one or in front of a group of people.

If your profession requires you to be: 
- on a high-energy level
- confident
- excitingly interacting with clients
- holding presentations
- presenting big proposals


If  you would like to:
- promote your products or services on TV or in videos
- replace inhibition, nervousness and fear with great enthusiasm and poise
- be a magnetic communicator, commanding the attention of a larger audience
- hold training seminars
- speak one-to-one with clients in person or over the phone
- hold video conferences

- get that next promotion or your dream job


STEP 1: 3-Part Breathing Routine (5-10mins): (replaces a Personal Fitness Trainer)
Core Activation Fitness Training. 

Develops strong breathing muscles for a strong voice.

STEP 2: Body/Breath Alignment Routine (10mins): (replaces a Meditation and Fitness Coach)
Head-to-toe warm-up relaxation as prep before speaking publicly.
Also replaces the gym visit on busy days, or helps breaking up time in front of the computer to release built-up tension.

STEP 3: Vocal Motor System Workout (5-10mins): (replaces a Voice Technique Trainer)
Simple and playful voice technique exercises, with mouth, tongue, jaw, soft palate.
Strengthens articulation for clarity of speech. Boosts projection for a powerful voice.

STEP 4: Text Application (30-40mins): (replaces a Public Speaking Coach)
The first 3 preparation steps put together and applied to actual speaking and presenting.
This is role playing from your real professional life.


- A clear and powerful voice

- in an energized and awakened body
- commanding a strong radiant presence

Big results clients experience, when they work with me:

- they get that promotion
- they get that job
- they start their dream business
- they expand their business internationally
- they even get the man or the girl of their dream, because of their increased awareness
In essence, people get what they always wanted.

And what’s more, clients experience some deeper life-changing core benefits. They:

- will make more money
- are in love with life
- are empowered
- are happy
- walk taller
- lose weight and shape up
- rejuvenate
- sleep better
- are much less stressed
- improve their social lives
- experience a consistent positive attitude towards life with such an increased energy level

Take advantage of the powerful, time- and cost-effective Vocal Gym Bootcamp Intensive Course, so you may also


“Speak with Clarity & Power, and Succeed!”



Classes available in person in north London, UK or via Zoom

Private Class:
1-hour private class in person or online via Zoom - £150
(1-2 classes per week recommended for optimal progress monitoring)


Vocal Gym Bootcamp:
Pre-paid and pre-scheduled 10-pack intensive program
Ten 1-hour private classes within 2-3 weeks - 3-5 classes per week) - £1,100 (£400 savings)


“You are very genuine. Glad to learn the skills you took 17 years to compress into a tight program!” ~ Terence Wong, director TD

“This was such a valuable and informative experience! I walked away with tools I can really use and practice, and Nattacia's
feedback was so helpful. I would highly recommend her and her services.” ~ Jessica, entrepreneur

“Wonderful Class. The teacher was fantastic.” ~ Susan, executive

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