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Hello, beautiful beings!

The time has come that I have to honestly and authentically share my truth, which I’ve been hiding and not accepting for over three decades, because I was too scared of its power and the powerful effect it has had on people. Instead, I was trying to hide behind acting roles.

I’m an indigo Starseed Lightworker, clairsentient as long as I can remember, I knew ahead of time, when something bad happened and blamed myself for it, I wrote in Light Language at age 4 and astral projected/travelled since age 6 every nite to escape the warzone and psycho-terror of my childhood, which in my early twenties landed me in a big co-dependent destructive mess, and I ended up suicidal.

The year was 1988. That’s when the universe intervened, and I received a very powerful Light activation. They put me on a new timeline. I was cut off mid conversation with my neibor in Vienna, and like in a trance I stood up and walked slowly to the window. My arms went up, reaching towards the sunlight beaming in. Suddenly this ENORMOUS wave of blazing white Light came towards me and ondulated through my whole body. All I could see was this blazing white Light. It must have lasted maybe half an hour. When it stopped, I looked around, and my neibor lay on the floor behind me, sat up, and yelled, “Whoa!!! What was that?! I just saw this big Light move through you and I wanted some too, so I lay down behind you!”


Archangel Michael and Jesus came through to activate me. Jesus as the Christ energy, certain points in my energetic body were pressed, he brought the information and upgrade. Michael created a field of energy around me, like a suit to protect against radiation, so my body could contain itself physically and did not de-materialize with molecules dispersed. So, Michael was there for physical integration to sustain my body. And then there was Mother Mary also present. She’s been with me since birth, always at my side.

The message I received was this: I am a fully empowered multi-dimensional being. I am part of the Christ energy. They activated me, so I can help hundreds and hundreds of people. I am meant to activate people with my hands and the vibration of my voice. That’s why I was coded. That I am ready. I was 24, the whole experience was a real shock to my system, and I wasn’t ready…

Shortly thereafter, lots of ‘strange’ things started happening. I was woken up in the middle of the nite and again as in trance I put on my clothes, observing myself from above me out of my body, and walking like automatic thru Vienna, guided to a restaurant I had not known, to find my boyfriend with a girl, I smiled, turned and ‘was walked’ back home, all the while I observed from above me (astral traveling). The next day I took my power back and kicked him out.


A stranger walked up to me after an event and told me amongst 300 people he saw only me in green, meaning my aura.

Then a series of seeing “Paris” written everywhere, so I consulted an astrologer and moved to Paris.

There, I hooked up with jazz street musicians, started touring thru Europe with them, and intuitively was guided to put my hands on their aching shoulders and backs. They claimed it takes the pain away, I should do it professionally. Then a book jumped off a book shelf, it read, ‘Your Healing Hands’, I opened it, it was exactly what I had done intuitively.


After I emigrated to New York City to study music and acting, more strange things happened to me, for years! I called a New York book store, but ended up calling Hawaii, crystal energy salon. The man connected me to my mentor of 12 years, a trance channel. Archangels and Ascended Masters would lecture to us thru him. I started channeling painful past lives of myself with people from my life in it, and it freaked me out! People close to me would tell me I shine too brightly, they can’t bear being around me, it hurts.


I also did volunteer work for people dying of AiDS at Marianne Williamson’s Manhattan center for life-threatening illnesses, channeling and helping them transition. It was too much. One time the recently deceased father appeared during one session and brought love and forgiveness to the client. He was in tears. That’s when I prayed and asked to have these gifts taken away. It was too much. I couldn’t handle the power. I just immersed myself in studying singing and acting.


Another book I randomly opened led me to create voice toning workshops, where I started channeling messages to the group for 2 years. In huge self-empowerment workshops I facilitated and vibrational bodywork training workshops people had incredible results after working with my hands and toning on them, claiming tumors disappeared, conceiving after several miscarriages, and 20 people chanting my name, another freakout! I didn’t want this! I could not bear it being put up on a pedestal!


So I focused on private singing and public speaking coaching, which felt safer, and I trained hundreds of people and taught them healthy living. All the while building a singing and acting career, none of which ever worked out, because they were not meant to.


As much as I wanted to hide and get away from these powerful energies coming through me, I kept going back to healing work. The coaching belonged to the past. It helped me reclaim my own voice, which was taken away in my traumatic childhood.


Over this past year my Higher Self guidance has been very strong, and I was advised to get crystal singing bowls to invite sound beings in to create harmony with my voice, plus to add my healing hands.


It is now 2023. We’re in the middle of the Great Awakening. I can see how I’ve been prepared all these years for this time now. My physical body is strongly developed to hold the powerful tones coming through.


My Soul Purpose is to shine my Light and to uplift humanity from dark into the Light. To activate the Light body of already higher vibrating beings ~ Lightworkers, empaths, intuitives, starseeds ~ with the sound vibration of my voice & crystal bowl beings and the healing energy of my hands.


I have been enjoying combining the tones channeled from the angelic realms and the rhythms of the bowls and mallets with the songs of the ancients singing through me, using the palms of my hands as transmitters for universal love & healing energies all at once! 

I can handle the power now. It feels joyous, it feels sacred, it feels divine! I’m no more scared.

Now, I am ready!

Many Blessings!

In Light & jOy*


~ February 7th, 2023

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