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“You are a miracle on this earth! Your energy and your certainty have greatly elevated me. I was able to let go. With the sound of your voice you hit places that vibrated and felt so strong. Such a feeling, all blocks that clung from the past were removed. I felt my mother, who is no longer with us. I felt her warmth caressing me and heard her voice singing to me. I understood how much I had loved her unconditionally. I saw my father and his heavy load bearing down on my shoulders. After your session they became very light. I also felt a release in my throat, something you opened for me. I saw a light above me and realized what a grand being I am, wearing a crown on my head. I felt warmth all around me, as if the sun was hugging me. Something happened. Something wonderful. I released, and now the body is very calm, with a calm mind. I feel lightness, unspeakable lightness, in my body. Thank you for everything you did for me! I will definitely recommend you to all my friends and clients! Much Love!” 


Jolita Miseviciute, beautician and Japanese facial masseuse,,, London, UK, Summer 2022

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Jacque Walters HS.png

“My hip is feeling amazing, even after my fall today. My knee seems fine after landing on it along with my elbow. You don't know this, but my left knee is basically bone on bone and I've been getting holistic injections to heal it and it has been doing great. I thought there might be a set back after falling, and It seems to be fine. I really think it's because I listened to the replay from last Thursday’s Healing Circle. You and your gift are amazing.”

[The next day:] “I feel really good this morning. Knee, elbow and hip just fine. I am surprised I am not stiff at all.” 


Jacque Walters-Branton, Premier Host at Sierra Nevada Mountain Retreat, Sierra Nevada, California, October 2023

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“My session on zoom was not only activating but calming and healing…the sounds resonated deeply with me and allowed me to easily connect to my Higher Self and so many energetic beings...I recommend this beautiful journey to anyone who is interested in spiritual growth, earthly comfort, and pure peace and joy. Such a beautiful experience!” 


Elizabeth Holland, Earth Witch, Healer, Self-Love Activator, Gabriola Island, Canada, Spring 2023

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"My angel Nattacia helped me to heal myself from traumas from the past, she helped me to bring closure towards my grandmother, whom I didn’t have the chance to say goodbye to. She helped me to accept the apologies from my dad, and also showed me the angels that I have physically in my life. As a creative person, my vision during the session was full of colours, and I realise that my future is to create, and express myself with art! Nattacia was also able to help me to forgive myself, and to hug my little me when I was just 12. The angelic song Nattacia channelled was literally my grandmama singing to me, I was in tears. The best experience, I am looking forward to do it again! Let’s spread light in this world!”


Claudia Busquets, Graphic Designer, London, UK, Summer 2022

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“A miraculous blessing! Still in slight disbelief. A few days ago an unexpected fall led to a fractured rib. Despite standard remedies, CBD cream, ice, and Tylenol, the pain was almost unbearable. Enter Nattacia, a dear online friend with divine healing abilities. Within 24 hours of her remote healing session using energy and sound healing activation, my pain dramatically reduced. It felt close to a miracle. I can wholeheartedly say that Nattacia Satie is a gifted lady with a heart of gold. In the past, I would've healed the conventional way, not truly knowing, or understanding the power of energy healing. But now, I realize what an amazing tool it is when delivered with such love and deep healing intention. If you or someone you know needs healing guidance, I encourage you to reach out to Nattacia. She is truly a gift from God.“


Virginia Parsons, California, USA, September 2023

CEO at

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“You are a glowing star amongst us, your magic, your tones, are amazing. It’s really activating. It is cellular. It’s in the frequency. It’s beyond singing. Your gift is not even trying to create a melody. There is no melody. You clearly touch a vibration that connects to different parts of the body, to the cells. We’re made out of majority of water. So, when your sound wave is reaching our body, it’s way before the mind can even understand the messages. So, when you’re singing your tones, it goes to the body so quickly, the mind is muted, the mind is in a kind of state of receptivity, so the body can do its healing process. So, receiving your tones is receiving divine healing. Activating recalibrating tones. Galactic frequencies. Divine cellular healing. Deep cellular and energetic recalibration. The world deserves to feel your vibe! You are a magical transcendental sound healer!” 


Nathalie Ristord, The Lightworker Mentor

Vancouver Island, Canada, Spring 2023

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"Wow, Nattacia. This is Powerful. The space you held in a small New York City apartment was sacred and magical and helped me feel safer with my voice. You were so incredibly brave and powerful and amazing. You changed my life in powerful ways."

Jesse Koren, Community Leader,

CEO and co-founder at, California

New York City 1997-98

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“Beyond Earth shattering! Transcendent! Affected me on a molecular level! Even though I am in Canada and our session was on Zoom, the benefits were profound. I was deeply relaxed, my spiritual body travelled to Egypt, the Great Pyramid. I felt my blocks around speaking my truth evaporate! Completely transformed my fear-based tendencies. I would love to attend a live event, I highly recommend this to anyone looking to heal and transform their lives. Amazing! I love you and your magic so much! Thank you.” 


Malinda Rose, Light Warrior, Transdimensional Therapist, Ontario, Canada, Spring 2023

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In my life, over the last three decades, I have worked with many powerful healers, shamans and light workers but I have never experienced anything like this.

What a powerful, beautiful and completely transcendent experience this Healing Circle was. From the warm up exercises, to the vocal channelings, AMAZING!! I also focused on all the same things that the group was focusing on, financial abundance, freedom to properly express myself in my own unique expression of my magic. I felt my entire being opened up and realigned to these requests. Once again, I was transported to Egypt, which seems to be where I always end up. I saw gold pouring into my heart center, felt my voice clearing, and I felt my confidence coming back in an overwhelming abundance. 

          After my last experience with you, where we were healing physical ailments, my chronic foot pain has yet to return, and I believe it never will thanks to your powerful healing magic.  [Malinda's foot was run over by a car 2 years prior, and felt chronic pain ever since]

I completely recommend this to anyone who has not tried it yet, I can promise you, it will change your life in a positive and profound way just as it has mine.

Thank you so much, your magic is developing into such a powerful beautiful manifestation. I can't wait to see where this ends up. Love you so much Star Sista and thank you again!

Malinda Rose, Light Warrior, Transdimensional Therapist, Ontario, Canada, Winter 2023

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“Nattacia Satie is GOD gifted. Those magical sounds are still in my memory. It was a pleasure and an unbelievable experience to connect with universal spirit in several Energy & Sound Healing Circles. Both my wife and I felt light and refreshed for days. Her knee pain went away, and my feet don’t hurt anymore. Sleep has also improved for both of us. I will keep taking part in the Healing Circles, and I highly recommend them to everyone. All the best, Nattacia, in your efforts to help mankind.”
Vijay Jetani, Managing Director/Co-Founder of Namaste Village Norwich Ltd., UK, London, UK, Spring-Summer 2023

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"I had the blessed experience of managing Nattacia in New York City and not only did I manage her group sessions, I attended every session as well. Nattacia brings forth a channeled healing to everyone that stands before her. Whether it be Vocal Gym or her beautiful Sound Healing. An amazing shift happens, for we all know we are standing before an Angel deeply dedicated to our well-being. I am Grateful for having this opportunity to work with Nattacia and experiencing her blessings; thank you!"


Mel Finnerty, Transformation Coach

Sedona, Arizona, US

New York City, 2012-2013

Mel Finnerty.png
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“I can finally put into words the effects of yesterday’s Sound Healing Circle.

I can feel this morning that all my anger / frustration / fear that had been building up watching what is going on in the world has been washed away. I feel calm, strong, love, peace. This is often how I feel after a Marconics / Zero Balancing session. The high frequency just pushes away any low vibrations that are stuck in the body. Ready for a fresh start literally!!! Thank you so much!”


Jane Von Bieberstein, Alternative Healer and Master Teacher, Gyrotonic / Marconics / Zero Balancing, London, UK, Summer 2022

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“Thank you so much for all the healing you have done and are doing! The work we did together changed my life! You are such an empowering teacher and friend, xoxo”


Tanya Rynd, Poet, Writer, Painter, Singer, Co-owner of

New York City 1999-2005

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"Before working with Nattacia, I was struggling with moving the last remnants of lack consciousness, self-doubt, self-denial and low/negotiable self-worth (particularly to do with stubborn limited beliefs about what I deserve + not feeling worthy of my light and mission). I was holding onto a lot of stress, worry and resistance about the near future and about my current circumstances - it felt heavy on my heart and also manifested as stiffness and discomfort on my shoulders. 

Being in Nattacia's presence has been very healing for me. Just seconds into our first call I felt emotional - it was mostly feelings of comfort, joy and gratitude. Her bright and loving light illuminated the blind spots I had with regards to the dense energies I mentioned above. I had to see them to be able to feel through them and release them, and now I have made more space within me to accept and integrate more light. 
I also joined one of her healing circles live and I listened to a recorded one she shared the week prior. During both, I was shown several visions of past experiences in other realms or lives and confirmations regarding the work I came here to do. 

After her last healing circle I feel a lot more ease and trust, more confident in my abilities and knowings; I feel calmer and able to surrender deeper into flow and to the divine. The stress I had been feeling, the burdens I was carrying, melted away and the tension I had in my shoulders is gone! I am able to create more freely and easily. Blockages dissolved, I feel that I am now a much clearer channel for the divine to come through, whether it is through my external writing or speaking, or for my own internal guidance."

Frances Thompson, Poet, Podcaster, Lightworker, Unschooling Mama ~  |   Insta:  @francesdenisepoetry 

Kentucky, USA, October 2023

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“I've just started a wonderful 3-month journey with Nattacia, and I'm amazed by the shift of energy both internally within me and in the outside world around me. I've just had one session with Nattacia so far, and the instant results are more significant than I could have ever imagined, beyond my wildest expectations. I'm so grateful, and I feel like I'm a new person in a way. It's magic, a wonder, a miracle - you name it. I'm sharing it with you, because I wish all sentient beings all possible happiness. If you think about working with Nattacia, but still are hesitant and need this one little sign to encourage you to jump into this experience - here it is. I can't recommend the Private Membership enough - if you are open, then expect the unexpected, as you might be very surprised how effective and how quick this cellular reprogramming is. I am so happy. Thank you so much! You are just a wonder, you are such a blessing for this world! With love, Joti”

Joti Livtar Kaur ~ Actress, Artist, Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Therapist, Kundalini Yoga Teacher

London, UK, December 2023

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An extraordinary supernatural occurrence 


“A deeply sacred moment, with participants of the Healing Circle in a deep theta state, me walking around, transmitting Light & Love frequencies via my hands and voice into the body of each.

The very same moment this Light Transmission came through, “Reconnect, reconnect, connect with the Light. It is done.”, the dimly lit space lit up, and the brightest Light appeared right above us, with a million rays, so blinding, everybody opened their eyes and looked up in wonder and surprise. Thing is, there was no light bulb there! Suddenly I felt the deep pain and suffering of humanity, a message came through that I am transmuting it, “Shine your Light now! Shine your Light! No more hiding! Humanity needs your Light now!” Spiritual tears rolled down my face. Deep emotions welled up in all. Everybody received a blessing to continue on with spreading the Light. The brightness lasted a few minutes, and when I closed the circle with immense gratitude for this great blessing, the Light disappeared. What was left was a tiny green security light in place where the Light emanation occurred.” 


Nattacia Satie, London, UK, Spring 2023

The suggestions and recommendations you’ll receive during your sessions with Nattacia Satie are provided to you only as general information. Nattacia Satie does not provide medical diagnosis or cure in regards to health and medical or psychological issues. The Sound & Energy Healing provided is an alternative healing method, and although there is evidence that Nattacia’s practices are effective in treating physical, mental, emotional and spiritual conditions, the method is considered alternative and complementary by Western health care professionals. Nattacia Satie is NOT a medical doctor and cannot and will not provide you with any kind of medical care, treatment, or diagnosis regarding your physical health or the wellbeing of your body. Nattacia Satie is not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment from licensed and registered healthcare professionals. You should seek professional medical advice before making any health decision. Any information, stories, examples, or testimonials provided do not constitute a warranty, guarantee, or prediction regarding the result of a Sound & Energy Healing with Nattacia Satie. By booking, attending or participating in a series of Sound & Energy Healing sessions or groups with Nattacia Satie, and viewing this website, you agree to fully release, indemnify, and hold harmless Nattacia Satie and others associated with her, from any claim or liability whatsoever.

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