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Bibi & Verlaine 

Screenplay for a feature film


Nattacia wrote the screenplay and original soundtrack songs for a feature film

entitled 'Bibi & Verlaine'. 

Genre: psychological drama with music. 

Synopsis: An exhilarating steamy whirlwind ride that takes emotionally entangled

Czech Bibi and Afro-Brazilian Verlaine from Paris over the Côte d'Azur to New York

to each chase after their musical dream.

Location: Set against the backdrop of Paris, the South of France, and New York City.

View the lush and colourful locations in the: Lookbook.

Soundtrack: Listen to some of the songs HERE.

Listen to the finale song here: ​




Script and Press Kit: available upon request.

If Bibi and Verlaine have moved you to have them jump off the pages and become alive

on cinematic screens and you are equipped with the adequate resources and connections,

we welcome you!

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The Visionary & Futurist Artist – Freeing your Creativity and living it, no matter what!

Self-Improvement Book


Nattacia is the self-published author of this yearbook of weekly meditations and affirmations to inspire self-empowerment and self-love. 


The book offers:

• Self-empowerment

• A boost in confidence 

• The building of self-esteem


Creative tools provided:

• Daily meditations / Inspirational reading

• Affirmations

• Creative visualization

• Voice Toning instructions



• Personal Growth

• Transformation

• A path to success and happiness in life and in creative expression

This book is available for purchase internationally in paperback and as ebook: 

Screen Shot 2021-03-01 at 23.23.26.png
Screen Shot 2021-03-01 at 23.24.34.png

Book Review by New York Times editor Kevin Giordano:

"Although the title mentions artists, this book, and Satie's ideas, could easily be used by all professionals in all fields, but it is mainly geared for people who are hungry to make a change in their careers and / or relationships. Satie has tapped a source of spiritual inspiration combined with methods for revolutionizing one's thinking. This is a book readers will turn to again and again for inspiration and guidance."


Magnifica – Fun, tasty, happy Vegan Food

Vegan Guide- and Cookbook


Nattacia is the author of this simple, easy to read guidebook to time- and cost-effective, balanced, plant-based food preparation.


It is filled with energy and illustrated with mouth-watering color photographs of

Nattacia’s Eat Art. 


This project has yet to find a publishing home. 


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